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Candace Clark
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At CannaTech Ventures, we believe in nurturing the future of the cannabis industry by empowering innovators with the guidance and support they need to succeed. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as a mentor, where your expertise can make a significant impact on the next generation of cannabis technology pioneers.

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Why Mentor with Us?

Cultivate Success

As a mentor with CannaTech Ventures, you'll have the opportunity to cultivate success within the cannabis industry. Your guidance can help shape the future of tech and tech-enabled products in the rapidly growing Cannabis Technology sector.

Empower Innovators

Our mission is to provide innovators with the tools, education, network, and capital needed for success. By becoming a mentor, you play a pivotal role in empowering CannaTech Ventures founders to reach their full potential.

Build Lasting Relationships

We understand that transparency is key to building long-lasting relationships. By joining our mentorship program, you'll have the chance to connect with promising founders and teams, fostering relationships that can lead to mutually beneficial partnerships.


We seek mentors with a deep understanding of the cannabis industry and relevant technology domains. Your experience will be invaluable in guiding our startups to success.


Passion for innovation and a desire to give back to the industry are essential qualities we look for in our mentors. Your enthusiasm will inspire our founders and teams.


Mentoring is a commitment, and we value mentors who are dedicated to supporting our innovators on their journey. Your ime and insights are priceless contributions.

What We Look for in a Mentor:

We seek mentors with a deep understanding of the cannabis industry and relevant technology domains. Your experience will be valuable in guiding our startups to success.


Join us in Shaping the Future

By becoming a mentor at CannaTech Ventures you're helping to shape the future of the cannabis industry. esYesJoin us in fostering innovation, transparency, and success! Apply today!