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Introducing CANNIHACK 2023 @ NECANN

June 2-3, 2023

A 24-hour hackathon at the Illinois Cannabis Convention
The Opportunity

Solve Real Industry Problems

CannaTech Ventures is excited to host CANNIHACK, a Cannabis Technology Hackathon at NECANN. This is your chance to help drive innovation in the cannabis industry and tackle the challenges outside of federal regulations. With the help of our partners, you'll be able to develop new technologies and solutions to help streamline the industry.

Tackle Technology Challenges

Diverse Technology Challenges

Explore a range of technology challenges in the cannabis industry.

Driving Cannabis Innovation

Contribute to the future of cannabis innovation through law, cultivation, medical, AI/ML, search engine, and enterprise software solutions.


Join CANNIHACK at NECANN Illinois Cannabis Convention to showcase your innovation and passion for developing cannabis technology.

Why Chicago?

A Hub of Innovation

Chicago is quickly becoming a hotbed of cannabis innovation, making it an ideal location for CANNIHACK. Our goal is to work with public and private cannabis corporations in conjunction with our research, to help build solutions towards ideal outcomes at a fraction of the cost and time it normally takes. Join us to take advantage of this exciting opportunity and help shape the future of cannabis technology.

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Are you Excited about the upcoming Hackathon?

we sure are!

We've got everything you need to make the most of your experience, including:

Access to Industry Experts

Valuable across skill levels

We've lined up a group of top-notch professionals who are eager to share their expertise and help you achieve your goals. Whether you need feedback on your project or guidance on a specific skill, they'll be on site to give you the support you need.

Food and Beverages

Not your Average Hackathon

We understand that coding on an empty stomach is no fun. That's why we're providing food and beverages throughout the day to keep you energized and motivated. From breakfast to dinner and even late night snacks, we'll have you covered.

1st and 2nd Place Prices

showcase what you can do

What's a hackathon without a little friendly competition? We’re putting together a panel of top notch judges responsible for choosing the top two winners. So make sure to bring your A game if you want to walk away with a trophy, cash prizes, and of course bragging rights.

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An INdustry ripe for technology innovation

Benefits of CANNIHACK

Enhanced Learning Experience

Valuable across skill levels

With industry experts on hand and a diverse group of participants to collaborate with, you'll be learning and growing throughout the entire event. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice, you're sure to come away with new skills and insights.

A Memorable Event

Not your Average Hackathon

This is more than just your average hackathon – it's an opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals who share your passion for tech and innovation. You'll make new friends, build lasting relationships, and have a great time in the process.

Career Advancement Opportunities

showcase what you can do

Who knows – this could be the event that leads to your dream job! You'll have the chance to showcase your skills to industry insiders and potentially land your next gig. Plus, winning the competition could give your resume a serious boost.

Register now and get ready to hack your way to success!

A cannabis technology hackathon at necann


The Cannabis industry is ripe for technical innovation, and we're here to help you streamline real solutions. We've been fortunate to work with many of Chicago's cannabis industry champions and advocates through our CannaTech Incubator. Based on global research and local feedback we know there's a need for:

More Accessibility

More accessibility to networks, education, technology, and funding for entrepreneurs.

Building Community

Bringing the cannabis community together more meaningfully to streamline innovation.

Solve real problems

Opportunities to solve big challenges and build towards demand.

AI generated CanniHack participant smiling with coffee while sitting at computer.

So come one, come all - let's hack the cannabis industry!


Join the Cannabis Revolution!

Make your mark on the future of cannabis technology with CannaTech Ventures' hackathon “CANNIHACK”. Innovate with us and help shape the multibillion dollar industry - it's your time to grow and shine!

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